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Shareen Dunn: RAK Louisville

Our people are not only talented professionals, they’re also kind, selfless, giving souls. Power Gives Back is a section dedicated to highlighting employee involvement in community organizations and causes, as well as agency-supported philanthropy.

Shareen is no stranger to Power and our culture. In fact, she’s now on her 3rd tour at Power as our Group Digital Director, where she leads the way in all things digital. Giving back to the community has always been in her blood and, in this case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Shareen’s son, Andrew, started his own community organization back in 2012 called RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Louisville. Outside of her work with Power, Shareen serves as the “mom behind the mission” or as she puts it, her son’s assistant . We asked Shareen a few questions about her involvement.

Give us your best elevator speech on what is RAK Louisville?

RAK Louisville (Random Acts of Kindness Louisville) is an organization/movement started by my son, Andrew, in December 2012. The goal of RAK Louisville is to flood this city with random acts of kindness and epic acts of service. RAK Louisville identifies service opportunities throughout the community that are suitable for students, and then works with the students to help lead projects. RAK Louisville also supports many grassroots outreach teams in the city. Our Mayor has proclaimed December 23rd “Random Acts of Kindness Louisville (RAK Louisville) Day.” We work hard to encourage as many people and teams as possible to participate on this day to bring awareness to our mission of kindness and service in the community.

We utilize our website, mobile app and social media to mobilize students and the community to take part in different service opportunities around the city. We launch monthly challenges that benefit different grassroots organizations that serve the homeless and needy in the Louisville area. We are committed to spreading the idea of kindness and service in schools through RAK Clubs, and we want to continue to challenge students to use their passion to change our city and live their lives with purpose.

Tell us about your story with RAK Louisville?

My son, Andrew, founded RAK Louisville. I serve as his assistant — handling everything from driving him, scheduling appointments, helping him set up service projects and helping him with social media. It has given me insight into the needs that exist within this city, and has provided me with the opportunity to work alongside so many awesome organizations. I also get to meet and work with amazing students from all over the city who are doing remarkable things to make this community better.

How do you give back?

RAK Louisville is the primary vehicle through which we serve as a family. Our efforts have mostly benefitted the local homeless community and grassroots organizations serving the needy (The Burrito Riders, The Forgotten Louisville, A Place to Sleep, etc.) The city is also impacted when we undertake projects, such as paying for someone’s coffee, paying for the person behind you in a drive-thru, Ding-Dong-Ditch-Dinner, Firehouse Appreciation dinner/breakfast, Christmas goody bags to local businesses and first responders, and much more.

How has Power offered support?

So many Power folks have been involved in Andrew’s projects — from performing random acts of kindness and helping with RAK Boxes, to delivering food to people in need or providing a bicycle to someone who needed a way to get to work. Our RAK Boxes are used to help transition folks into housing — they include RAK Box-Laundry, RAK Box-Food, RAK Box-Bathroom, and so on. Power employees are quietly amazing in the awesome support they have extended to our projects.

If someone wanted to help, what’s the best way?

The best way to help is to follow RAK Louisville on social media or on our website You can take on the monthly challenges, which are ongoing and pretty general. Or you can join the RAK Project Leaders group for very specific needs that come up. You can also support RAK Louisville financially — we are a registered non-profit.

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