Marketing Strategist

Power is looking for a Marketing Strategist within the Insights & Strategy group in Louisville, KY.

This position is responsible for providing a perspective in creating and implementing consumer and B2B marketing strategies that raise the level of agency work across our clients’ brands. This role needs someone to help advance the evolution and integration of the Insight & Strategy Group through the development of new methodologies, approaches, and original thinking.
If you are curious, interested in people, understand the business, are full of ideas and clear in articulating them, read on.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Know what’s going on – will have a finger on the pulse, would demonstrate a solid grasp of current business dynamics and be able to provide a perspective on the impact, influence, and implications of these dynamics on your client’s business health.
  • Be a strong communicator – will be able to clearly articulate strategies and ideas in a confident and persuasive manner to clients and teams.
  • Be an innovative thinker – to develop working hypotheses and methods to test/apply to a wide variety of marketing challenges.
  • Be naturally collaborative – and be able to raise the bar of our work for clients through inspiring and guiding the development of creative strategies and ideas. You will also identify unmet opportunities, needs and knowledge gaps, how to fill them and aid in the development and understanding of effectiveness measures.
  • Want to grow – and help us grow.
  • Roll up their sleeves – and help the Insight & Strategy Group develop and implement best practices, methodology, and overall philosophy within the agency

What makes you qualified?

  • 5+ years of marketing strategy experience in an agency environment, including expertise in digital channels, specifically SEM, SEO and UX/UI, and digital media
  • You get the bigger picture, seeing a marketing plan from soup to nuts, you use your knowledge of digital media, web, and social to provide key inputs to the team to help plan the user experience
  • Hungry for insights and data, you find innovative ways to approach marketing tactics by leveraging analytics and data points to guide the direction of a new concept, project or campaign
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty, you are a stellar teammate willing to help with any task, reporting and dashboard management to tracking tag implementation and data cleanup
  • Hands-on qualitative research experience (conducting and/or commissioning) a +PLUS – because you love to talk and you’re a great listener

Additional attributes we’re looking for:

  • Huge passion for what communication and creativity can achieve in the world
  • Ability to inspire people, and therefore, the creative process
  • Knowing a good idea when you see it and you can nurture it
  • Experience in the use and development of quantitative research methodologies – at least basic calculator skills
  • Strong analytical and intuitive skills
  • Excellent communication skills and presentation skills


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