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Shoowee, What a Year!

2015 was a wild one here at the agency. Actually, insane is a better adjective. In addition to several major client projects and campaigns, we did a lot of internal work on our business and brand. Here we are, finally crossing the finish line and unveiling the fruits of our hard work and labor. What’s new at Power? Practically everything. I’ll take you through some of the major highlights.

Well, sort of. We’ve trimmed down Power Creative to simply, Power. Our services have expanded and deepened beyond “creative” for several years now, so it’s been a long time coming. Also, we (and a majority of our clients) have been referring to the agency as Power for as long as we can remember. So, it just feels right.


Change the name = change the logo. It’s just natural. This mark represents to the evolution of the Power brand. Simple and focused. Bold and powerful. With a nod to the lightning strike, the new logo embodies the marketing impact we strive to make.


If you’ve visited our Home page or About Us page, you’ve gotten a peak into the agency’s new position. After years of encouraging our clients to create or support a unique brand position, it’s time we do the same.

Over the last year, we’ve done extensive work internally and with the Ignition Consulting Group out of Salt Lake City, Utah, to determine what we do and know best, and what’s unique among the vast pool of advertisers. Based on the agency’s history, expertise and experience, we can confidently position Power as an authority in the installed home product category and focus on supporting brands selling through multiple sales channels.

This new brand position will help guide our new business endeavors, but it does not limit our opportunities to work with clients outside of our focus. We will remain committed to our current client base, as well as seek opportunities to help promote local, regional and national business and organizations.


In addition to Power’s new brand positioning, our extensive work with the Ignition Consulting Group helped guide a major business decision to spin off our visualization services into a separate independent company. This company, called Kitestring, will offer Power’s well-established world-class CGI, photography and video services.

Kitestring will continue to service traditional Power clients and begin pursing work from marketers or their partner agencies—local and nationwide—which are looking for exceptional visualization services. Stay tuned…a new website is coming soon!



Our new site is where everything comes together into one cohesive articulation of the new Power brand. From our Work portfolio to our Insights page, we’re demonstrating why Power is the authority in marketing installed home product brands.

Our People section is also a “can’t miss” with a fun and authentic look into our agency and family of employees. Also, we’d love to stay connected. Be sure to sign up for our B2D2C Insider newsletter and follow our socials too!


In addition to all of these enormous initiatives, we’ve done extensive work on our agency structure, systems and processes. The world of the consuming public has rapidly evolved, and we continue to evolve with it. As we approach our 40th anniversary, we remain committed to offering our clients the most current and relevant marketing services and solutions possible. This requires change and adaptability. Over the course of this year, we’ve put a plan in place to make Power a stronger, more efficient, more valuable and more nimble marketing vendor. We’d love to prove it. Scroll down to contact us today!


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