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3 Big Marketing Turn Offs to Consumers

Marketing is everywhere. In fact, its been estimated that consumers are exposed to over 5,000+ marketing messages every day. So how do you make sure that your marketing message is resonating with your target audience and isn’t annoying or alienating them? Here are three common marketing turnoffs you should avoid if you want your marketing content to have the positive impact you intended.

Turnoff #1: Too much about you

Self-serving marketing content is a major consumer turnoff. Consumers want to be inspired, entertained and informed, not told how wonderful your product is and why they should buy it. The purpose of marketing is to provide valuable, relevant content and to build a rapport with your audience. For this reason, content needs to be audience-centric, authentic and useful.

A more effective way of marketing your product, is to let satisfied customers tell your story. With as much as 70% of people relying on customer reviews before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to include a review or comment expressed in your customers’ own words.

Reading a good review builds trust about the quality and credibility of your product. Reviews can make or break your brand, and can even help people understand how your product can enrich their lives.

Turnoff #2: Too hard sell

Of course you want to sell more products. Who doesn’t? It’s the reason why you create interesting marketing content and continually promote your brand. But things can become problematic when you start fixating on selling, rather than informing. People are smart. They can see right through a lack of sincerity and authenticity. When your content becomes too “salesy,” it can be a major turnoff for your audience.

A more impactful way of selling is to use customer testimonials to overcome buyer skepticism, build consumer trust and encourage product purchase. Testimonials can be delivered in text, audio or video formats and help reassure customers that other people who have used your product like it and would use it again.

You’re letting satisfied customers do the hard sales work for you. When it comes to selling power, a great testimonial outshines sales copy every time. Why? Because good testimonials are inherently the opposite of sales copy: they stand out as an unbiased, sincere and authentic account of how good your product really is.

Turnoff #3: Too keyword heavy

Although content marketing serves as a vessel for SEO, you can get yourself in trouble by going overboard. Keyword stuffing diminishes the quality of your content, makes the content lose its natural flow, makes the audience lose interest, and also invites search engine penalties.

To avoid being too keyword heavy, follow SEO best practices and do not let SEO become your main emphasis. If you create readable and high-quality content, your search rankings will naturally increase and your audience will automatically remain engaged. Remember content is king—SEO is merely the prince.

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