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3 Vital Revelations Your Brand Can Learn by Evaluating the Quality of the Consumer Experience

By evaluating the quality of your customer experience, your brand can identify pivotal moments that make or break the journey, determine where and why your brand may be losing customers, and begin taking steps to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

A successful and satisfying customer journey — from discovery to use to advocacy — requires that consumers enjoy both the trip and the destination. If you took our advice and mapped your consumer touchpoints, you have a foundational view of your customer experience. The next step is evaluating the quality of the experiences along the map. As we’ve said before, your brand can improve the customer experience by learning how consumers perceive the quality of your touchpoints and the emotional reactions those touchpoints generate.

Here are three insights your brand can gain by evaluating the customer experience:

1. Gaps

The customer experience is about more than just creating the map; it’s about delivering on and exceeding the consumer expectation. With constant upkeep of integrated marketing channels, it is easy to have a channel or touchpoint that fails to deliver on what the consumer needs. Marketers often focus too much on what the brand wants from the interaction, instead of what the consumer wants from the experience.

Understanding a consumer’s motivation along each phase of the journey and within each touchpoint allows us to determine: What did the customer need in that moment, and did the experience with our brand deliver?

2. Brand Busters

“Two-thirds (66%) of respondents indicate that personal experience has a lot of influence on how they make decisions about which brands to do business with.”1

Like any trip, having a positive experience increases the likelihood that the customer will not only come back for another visit, but may also recommend the trip to a friend. Enough bad experiences along the journey, and they are less likely to make a return trip.

All interactions with a brand evoke feelings, and meeting the needs of consumers where they are in the journey is vital for eliciting positive emotions toward the brand. Intrigue or indifference, confidence or doubt, satisfaction or frustration — failure at critical moments in the journey will cause consumers to take an early exit and head toward a competitor. These moments are Brand Busters.

3. Missing or Meaningless Metrics

“In some cases, companies that have captured the full customer journey by integrating multiple sources of data are generating up to 8.5X higher shareholder value.”2

The more data we have available to help us understand customers, the better the chances that brands can learn how to avoid unintended gaps and thus limit brand-busting encounters.

Marketers frequently work with multiple partners and stakeholders that influence the journey. Disjointedness among stakeholders puts marketers at risk of missing the data integration necessary to gain perspective on the quality of the customer journey.

Metrics can lead to minutia, but proper data integration and relevant use of metrics reveal correlations between touchpoints. This enables marketers to measure impact across all phases of the journey and begin weighting metrics relative to critical moments in the consumer decision-making process.

Why It’s Important

Evaluation of the customer journey provides insight necessary to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates. The more in-depth understanding a brand has of the customer experience, the greater the opportunity to prioritize strategic goals and align stakeholders within and outside the brand’s organization toward meeting common objectives.

If you’re ready to start improving your customer experience, give us a shout.


1Ipsos Loyalty, U.S., “Consumers Share Positive and Negative Experiences

Equally,” n=10,061 customers, Jan. 2015.

2 Marketing in the Driver’s Seat: Using Analytics to Create Customer Value. Harvard Business Review, 2016.


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