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4 Ways Insights Can Lead to Click-Worthy Content

At Power, we love to immerse ourselves in the world of home products. We’re research, data and trend junkies, constantly searching for indicators on what motivates homeowners to make a purchase. Each clue helps guide our creative hand and tactical approach.

Take, for example, the bathroom sink. Our initial research revealed five factors often play a major role in influencing the sink-buying process (in no particular order):

  • Individual style
  • Latest trends
  • Space
  • Budget
  • Family needs

Insights like these would give us valuable information when creating engaging and effective marketing campaigns for a clients’ brand.

Just for fun, here are a few examples of how we might use this research to deliver relevant (and click-worthy) marketing content to a sink-buying audience.

1. The insight: Bathroom sinks must meet the needs of the whole family.

Every household is different and so are their domestic demands. For example, families with kids need a durable bathroom sink that will handle the daily wear and tear. Pet owners, on the other hand, often take into account the requirements of the pickiest and furriest member of the family—the cat.

The Power idea: The Kitty Sink O’ Pator.

Cats love to snooze in bathroom sinks. Power’s proprietary Kitty Sink O’ Pator, enables cat owners to identify the purrrrrfect sink match for their furry bathroom user. Highly shareable, the Kitty Sink O’ Pator allows a client to showcase their sink products in a fun, interactive and entertaining way. The Kitty Sink O’ Pator also has the advantage of engaging both pet owners and potential bathroom sink purchasers, reaching two audiences in one creative execution.

2. The insight: Bathroom sinks reflect individual styles.

Everyone has their own style and that style doesn’t stop at the bathroom door. With so many new bathroom sink textures, shapes and sizes on the market, creating the “perfect powder room” is now more achievable than ever. From bespoke to basic, and everything in between, your dream bathroom is limited only by your imagination…and your checkbook.

The Power idea: A Style-Matching Tool.

A Style-Matching Tool would be a fun, interactive and practical way to help potential buyers find the right sink for the look and feel they are trying to create. All they would have to do is enter their style preference and color palette into the tool, and it would generate an ideal match from a client’s bathroom sink range. Not only would it give potential buyers real sink options to choose from, but it would also expose them to a sink brand in a relevant and helpful way.

3. The insight: Trends can influence purchasing decisions.

While it’s true to say that not everyone’s purchasing choices are influenced by “what’s in” and “what’s out,” some peoples are. Trend seekers love to be “in the know” and like to have quick hits of information that help them make informed and on-trend purchasing decisions.

The Power idea: A “what’s trending” infographic.

Infographics are very popular and are the ideal medium for presenting multiple sets of information in a succinct and interesting way. Visually alluring, our “what’s trending” infographic would communicate applicable information to support the clients’ product line.

In: White fixtures

Out: Beige/bisque/bone/almond fixtures

In: Polished chrome faucets

Out: Bronze/oil-rubbed bronze faucets

In: Undermount sinks

Out: Vessel or drop-in sinks

In: Quartz vanity tops

Out: Solid surface and cultured marble/onyx vanity tops

This infographic would not only be shareable on social platforms, but images could click directly to a website to provide tracking info and offer an opportunity for further connection.

4. The insight: When space is limited, planning is important.

Space, especially the lack of it, is always a consideration in the bathroom. (It’s not called “the smallest room in the house” for nothing.) In a confined space, finding a sink that is practical and attractive is important for both comfort and aesthetic reasons.

The Power idea: A multi-platform 3-D bathroom planner.

A 3-D bathroom planner tool could take the guesswork, and stress, out of planning a bathroom. It would allow the consumer to create a virtual bathroom and try out a variety of designs to match their room size and layout (through a mobile app, on their desktop or using augmented reality or virtual reality). Having created their preferred bathroom configuration, they could take their plan with them when they go shopping, ensuring the bathroom sink they choose would be an exact fit for the space they have available.

Greater consumer understanding = more effective content

Whether it’s a sink or a solar panel, consumer insights are a vital component to creating effective marketing. They are like fuel for the creative mind, helping influence marketing solutions that interact and engage with a target audience on a deeper and more relevant level.

Research based and targeted towards solving real consumer issues, these approaches help to keep brands top of mind, while also keeping consumers informed and in the mood to purchase.

Want to learn more about our creative ideas, thoughts and processes? Contact us and we’ll be happy to share.


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