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Google's Premier Partner Summit 2017

A Power Perspective

As a Google Premier Partner, Power joined Search Engine Marketers representing 63 countries from around the globe for a Google summit in New York City. The exclusive event consisted of equal parts technical downloads, consumer behavior exploration, industry sneak-peeks and pep rallies. I was joined by our esteemed President and fellow media geek, Tim Lucas, and we soaked up all of the Google goodness. With many sessions digging deep into advanced topics, our report-out from this event captures content and key insights from a topline level, as well as other sights and sounds from a very busy 13-hour day at Pier 36 on the New York Harbor.

“Age of Assistance”

  • The opening session centered around the “Age of Assistance,” meaning the rapid adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and consumers who expect more each day from their chosen technology tools. “Be relentless in removing friction from your customer experience” is the Google battle cry.
    • In the “Age of Assistance,” mobile technology is the front door to your business, and represents the battlefield where customers are won or lost.
    • Google’s speakers opined that measurement tools are finally starting to catch up with mobile technology
  • “Build an audience with the best intentions,” which means advertisers are expected to know what their audience wants in each micro-moment of the purchase cycle and respond accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • While the Google Assistant may be the first step in this direction, current capabilities of Google Photos (able to identify a dog from a cat, etc.) and the brand new Google Lens (allowing Google to interact with the physical world) are new leaps forward.
  • Machine Learning will create opportunities for customized AdWords campaigns that are truly personalized to each target audience. This technology is coming very soon.
  • And, in perhaps the largest understatement of the session—but one that certainly got a lot of attention, machine learning will heavily impact the art and science of media buying.

Google News

  • Google revealed insights into AdWords technology that is right around the corner, but politely asked attendees to keep from using social media platforms to share these insights. With that being said, it’s clear from the major topics explored that Google sees importance in local/mobile AdWords upgrades.
  • Much attention is also being paid to audience segmentation, YouTube/Video ads and overall campaign measurement. These “what’s up next” tidbits give insight into Google’s major focus points.

Sights, Sounds and…..Seaweed?

  • Hands-on demonstrations – Awesome NYC facility for this event, with many hands-on demonstrations for between sessions, including Google Assistant, Waze Local, Google Maps, and Virtual Reality demonstrations.
  • Googleplex experience – It’s Google, so it’s expected that every detail is considered. If only for a day, the attendees got to live like they worked at the Googleplex, with assorted snacks, drinks and “nap pods” provided for all throughout the day. Plus 1 for heathy snacking options to keep one’s energy up throughout the long day. Minus 2 for the wafer-thin seaweed snack, which went 0-2 on the Power attendee scoreboard.
  • Breakout sessions – Additional breakout sessions were available on Google’s hiring practices, Google Shopping, BI (Behavioral Intelligence), and Customer Acquisition.
  • The “Tent Village” – Incredible spaces provided for meetings throughout the day. And there was no way we were going to let the event wrap up without scheduling a meeting here. Tent #7 was perfect for comparing notes and strategizing who would attend certain breakout sessions.

The day ended with an outdoor dinner and a beautiful New York skyline as its backdrop. Food, beverages, donut-kabobs, mini-milkshakes and a light yacht-rock soundtrack were provided for all. It’s safe to say that we soaked up as many Google insights as possible in a single setting, and look forward to using it for our many clients as we head into 2018!

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