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Micro-moments & the home shopper (part 2)

How Google’s Micro-Moment Concept Applies To Home Brands

Previously on Micro-moments & the home shopper… I discussed a concept Google introduced last year called micro-moments. If you missed it, click it. In this part, I’ll discuss how marketers of home products can tap into their targets’ micro-moments—and how to pivot their marketing and content strategies.

In addition to audience segmentation and consumer behavior data (the more, the better), the micro-moment approach can help you gain a deeper understanding of your targets’ motivations—helping you optimize your digital marketing and content strategies.

Homeowner micro-moments

So, are there micro-moments unique to potential consumers of home products? Absolutely! Especially high-investment products such as flooring, appliances, doors & windows, home comfort and home security. The path to purchase may involve even more micro-moments than your average product. Let’s look at a few.

Oh-Crap-It-Died Moment
There’s nothing more stressful and confusing than the moment when something vital in the home conks out. Tip: Reduce homeowners’ anxiety, answer their questions and point them in the right direction.

Dream-and-Plan Moment
Most homeowners have an on-going wish list. They seek and marinate. Tip: Stay active on inspiration social sites (Instagram, Pinterest) and consider influencer sponsorships. Also, be VISUAL.

How-Can-I-Do-That? Moment
All it takes is a spark to send someone off on a search to replicate a look or add a convenience. Tip: Consider “how to” and “tip” content (videos perform particularly well).

Check-the-Reviews Moment
Validation is a key part of the buying process. And a plethora of reviews and opinions exist out there. Tip: Explore creative (and authentic) ways to promote testimonials and consumer experiences.

OK-How-Much? Moment
Consumers often seek search parameters based on a budget. If pricing is hard to find, they could quickly eliminate you from consideration. Tip: Make pricing easy. But also consider content that addresses value.    

Where-Do-I-Buy? Moment
Because many home products are sold through multiple sales channels, “locators” are essential. Tip: Involve UX/UI!! Ease and convenience are paramount here.

Micro-moments like these (I just scratched the surface) can lead to tailored content for a variety of marketing initiatives, including: desktop and mobile-optimized landing pages, SEM, keywords, geo-targeting, geo-fencing, how-to videos, application videos, dealer locators, retail locators, inspiration social sites, influencer marketing, and many, many more. Once you map your customers’ common micro-moments, you’re one step closer to winning the shift to mobile.

Seven Things You Can Do To Address Micro-Moments

Be mobile friendly!

Mobile friendly

Mobile. Friendly.

Take a fresh, real and authentic look at your audiences’ needs

Map out scenarios and situations

Do a content audit, re-evaluate and start tailoring

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