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Living famously

In movies and TV shows, a home often plays a central role in the story and often earns iconic status that viewers feel deep connections to. These homes can even become meccas for devoted fans who travel far just for a glimpse of a house made famous on the screen. Sometimes famous homes are even up for sale, and if you have the means, you could end up living in a dream — or, in one case — a nightmare. Here are a few of our favorites.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Cameron’s house)
370 Beecher Street
Highland Park, IL
Last Sale Price: $1,060,000


Also known as the place where “Cameron kills the car,” the Ben Rose home (named after the man who commissioned it) was built in 1953 and is the epitome of mid-century modern architecture. Featuring a cantilevered design over ravines in a wooded setting, the 4-bedroom, 3-bath house boasts 4,300 square feet. Of course, a big draw is the detached glass-walled garage, site of the accidental destruction of Mr. Fry’s beloved car. Selling for just over a million dollars in June 2014 (1961 Ferrari 250 GT California not included, which by the way wasn’t the actual car in the movie, but that’s another story), the house still gets regular visits from John Hughes fans.


The Brady Bunch
11222 Dillon St.
North Hollywood, CA
Last Sale Price: $61,000


For producers of The Brady Bunch, this house had just the right look: Southern California-style, and not too upscale or too modest. Built in 1959, the real house is a split level and doesn’t have a true second floor. But since the producers had already planned a two-story home (to showcase that awesome open staircase!) a fake window was put on the A-frame section to create the illusion of a second story. Last sold in 1973 for $61,000 (hey, Mike Brady was pulling down some pretty good scratch back then), Zillow estimates its market price today at $1,338,734. Seriously, how does an architect live in a house that has 1 bathroom for six kids?


The Amityville Horror
112 Ocean Avenue
Long Island, NY
Recently for sale $850,000


What would possess someone to buy this place? OK, bad joke. Actually, the house that was a terror sensation in 1977 has turned into a beautiful home. Made famous by the Amityville Horror book and movies, it’s a regular tourist stop in the otherwise quiet Amityville neighborhood of Long Island, New York. Built in 1927, the Dutch Colonial was purchased by George and Kathy Lutz for $80,000 in 1975. (A low price at the time, but maybe there was a reason, ya think?) Things went south pretty quick, with the Lutzes reporting a variety of paranormal activities that ultimately led them to flee 28 days after moving in. Now the 5,000-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 3 1⁄2-bathroom riverfront home has been renovated. The latest news is that it’s recently been sold to some presumed bold souls who aren’t troubled by its unsettling history.


13218 Herriman Rose Blvd
Herriman, UT
Last sale price $400,000


This is house fandom in the extreme. Salt Lake City–area home builder/designer Blair Bangerter had a vision to recreate the colorful Victorian house from the movie Up. He drafted detailed designs right down to the wallpaper and light switches to be faithful to the house depicted in the film. And through a connection, he was able to get Disney’s permission to build it, provided it was a one-off and not replicated. In January 2014, a California family (huge Disney fans) purchased the 2,800 square-foot home and moved in, with no plans to lift off for a South American adventure.


A Christmas Story
3159 W 11th St.
Cleveland, OH
Last Sale Price: $150,000


Ok, so this one’s a bit of a cheat, as the house that was used for A Christmas Story isn’t a home for sale any more. It’s even better, because it’s now a museum you can visit any time! Brian Jones, a San Diego native and huge fan of the movie, bought the house in 2004 and completely restored it inside and out, down to the last detail, as it appears in the movie. Built in 1895, the Victorian house is part of a 3-building complex complete with props from the film (Randy’s overstuffed snow suit!) and behind-the-scenes photos. Best of all, there’s a gift shop, so you can bring home Major Award Leg Lamps for everyone!



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