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Last week I signed up for The New York Times Smarter Living email updates and the first email arrived in my inbox Monday morning. As most of us do, I check my phone for updates and news before work, often flagging those articles I need to save for later. But, this one immediately piqued my interest: "Your Workplace Isn’t Your Family (and That’s O.K.!)"

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As the person leading the charge on culture, talent management and employee experience at Power, I am often asked “What makes Power different than other agencies?” My answer is always, “Our people”, followed up with “We’re one big family”. However, unlike the NYT article, I mean this is an entirely different way.

When I say that we’re “one big family”, what I mean is that we are a close-knit crew. With around 100 employees, we are a small business, therefore we work closely together and most of us know each other pretty well. Unlike this article – which states the negative aspects of saying your co-workers are like family – we promote work/life balance (something I simply call “balance” – but that’s for another article); we understand challenges with others’ children like they’re our own; and we rally together when one of us needs a little extra support.

Promoting balance doesn’t always mean you get to leave at 5pm. We chose the crazy world of advertising and marketing, so sometimes we don’t get much of a choice. However, at Power we want it to be the exception, not the rule. Because while you may like your co-workers enough to call them family, we know you have a real family to get home to.

I am usually the first and last person you interact with when interviewing at Power and I make it my goal to be as transparent about our culture as possible. So, next time you come for a visit or apply for a job (we actually have a few openings right now), ask me your toughest questions. I promise to give you the most truthful answer about what it really means to be part of the Power family.

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