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Under the stairs. Out of the box.

How ingenious ways to use a staircase exemplifies great content marketing

Demonstrating unconventional and creative applications for home products is a great way of cutting through the marketing clutter. These amazingly cool and inventive ways to take advantage of the space under staircases are great examples of how you can add a disruptive element to your content marketing strategy. The more you and your products can inspire and impress, the more likely you’ll be to grab and hold homeowners’ attention.

Stairway to (creative) heaven.

I admit it, I only use the stairs in my house to get from one level to the next. And, until I started doing this “staircase research,” I’d never really considered stairs as a creative wonderland waiting to be discovered. Well, now I know better. And, I’m going to take this opportunity to share my new-found knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone. So, hang on to your hammers, drills and sawhorses, you’re in for a DIY drool-fest.

If you can dream it, you can make it.

So, where to start? Well, let’s kick off with storage space. Because, no matter how big your house is, you never have enough storage. Converting stairs into drawers seems like a brilliant idea.

Under-the-stairs storage not only helps to keep your home tidy, it’s also great for packing away things that you don’t use all of the time, like winter clothes in summer. The only downside I can see with this idea is that you can’t label the drawers for contents. So you may have to climb, and open, a complete flight of stair-drawers before you can find your favorite pair of warm socks.

Using stairs as closet space makes perfect sense to me, especially with my ever-expanding shoe collection. A great place for hanging coats, hats and other outdoor gear, stair-closets can even be equipped with mirrors inside the doors, so you can check for fashion faux pas as you’re leaving the house.

Creating a doggie den is not something my pup would agree with. But, on the plus side, this is probably bigger than your average dog crate, so maybe some dogs would love their own private space.

It could also double as a time-out place for kids who are having an off day, and is much more comfortable than the “naughty step” — not that I’m speaking from personal experience, you understand.

Bars, bikes, bathrooms and beds have all found their place under the stairs. And while I can appreciate the creativity in all these executions,

I can’t get my head around sleeping under the stairs. As an emergency guest bed or as a space for reclining during a long phone call, the bed-under-the-stairs idea works, I suppose. But it’s still not a good fit for me (or Harry Potter!)



A playhouse for the kiddies doesn’t come any cuter than this. It’s ideal for either a girl or a boy, and I think any child would love this type of space. Also, because of its size, the playhouse precludes any older siblings from entering, thereby upping its child-appeal ten-fold. If I were a few inches shorter,

I’d get my husband to make me one of these — great for hiding chocolate, Chardonnay and my latest shoe purchases.

In marketing, think under the stairs and outside of the box.

Discovering how people creatively utilize the space under the stairs has been both inspiring and interesting. It just proves how seeing things differently can produce results that are both life- and comfort- enhancing. This different approach to using space could be used to great advantage by home-product designers and marketers in many other categories.

At Power, we love to help our clients think of disruptive and innovative ways to attract more attention and raise awareness. Need a hand? Contact us at the bottom of this page!



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