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Six Booth Strategies from KBIS 2017

Who Stood Out and Why

Each year thousands of builders, dealers, designers and distributors gather to attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show where 500+ brands and manufacturers show off their latest and greatest. When it comes to tradeshow booth strategy, there is no denying that it’s survival of the fittest. Here are six strategies I observed while patrolling the show floor for inspiration at KBIS & IBS 2017.

Sensory Appeal

As my partner in crime and I walked the floor, we suddenly heard live music and smelled food coming from a particularly busy booth. Once we followed our senses to the center of the booth, there was a full bar loaded with food and drinks and activities. Guests were having a great time and everyone looked like family, but I asked out loud, “What’s the product?” Then I noticed everyone in the booth was sitting, leaning, and coloring on beautiful countertops. Caesarstone countertops did such an amazing job appealing to the senses, I didn’t even notice the product placement. Well done.


Interactive Games

I’m going to reveal my geeky side for on this one. Overall, the show was lacking a lot of digital and interactive displays. So I was very excited to see a Kinect game at the Lennox booth. Full disclosure, we created this game for their booth a few years back (but I have no shame in giving them a shout). It was the only booth with any type of display like this and it definitely drew a crowd — all while keeping the visitors engaged with the brand as they played the game.


Open Design

Booth traffic and crowds can sometimes work against welcoming guests in. There were a lot of booths that were too crammed or poorly laid out, making it uncomfortable to engage with product. Master Brand Cabinets stole the show with completely open booth design that allowed guests to interact with product and the brand from any angle. Not only did the layout feel welcoming, the product specialists manning the booth were approachable and friendly. We liked it so much, we went back both days.



Monogram drew a great crowd by putting their products in action. While seeing the beautiful products on display is one thing, seeing them in action can really bring a brand to life. Monogram wowed their audience with cooking demonstrations by celebrity chef Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook fame. The demonstrations were presented in an entertaining and informative way that showcased the product perfectly.

Techy Displays

The Toto booth caught eyes with a big beautiful “flush-like” overhead design. But once you entered into the booth, the product displays kept you exploring the brand and products. The brand utilized small projections on their products to highlight new features in a way that illustrated innovation in a modern way. This was one of the only brands that took advantage of this type of booth technology.




VIP Treatment

Finally, to the mammoth of the show…Kohler. They didn’t just show up, they took over. Kohler had an almost inexplicably cool booth space — more than a mobile showroom, it was truly an “experience.  It felt like you were VIP in the club. There was ambient house music, enthused product specialists ready to engage with guests, a no-gravity selfie scene, HGTV stars, a chocolatier, and more. Even with dozens of working products in the booth, it was less about the booth itself and more about how it made you feel. You left feeling important, special, fancy even. This feeling attached with the brand was a huge win for Kohler.

Ready for Next Year

At Power, we love everything home. Needless to say, this was the perfect show for us to engage with best-in-class home brands. To see our real-time coverage of the show, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you’re looking to chat with some marketing nerds about home brands, give us a shout! Until then, we’ll see you next year at KBIS 2018!





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