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The 3 Most Audacious Booths at KBIS and IBS 2017

There’s no doubt that attending The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the NAHB International Builders’ Show can be an overwhelming experience – as some colleagues and I found out first-hand last week. With hundreds of booths spread across thousands of square feet of floor space, standing out as a brand becomes a huge challenge.


The mac daddy of KBIS. The title sponsor of the entire show. The folks that seem to have a direct line to the casting agent at HGTV. While its sheer massive scale and what seemed like hundreds of working products were enough to stop traffic, the Kohler booth went all-in on an immersive visitor experience. A master chocolatier whipped up customized chocolates that mirrored new finishes. Mood lighting made you feel like you were in an upscale showroom rather than the Orange County Convention Center. And even though the number of bells and whistles throughout the booth could be dizzying at times, you’d be hard-pressed to find a KBIS visitor that didn’t stop by.




Greeting showgoers at the entrance of the North/South Hall was a gorgeous booth from StikWood, a brand that sells peel-and-stick, real-wood planking made from reclaimed wood. While most booths are designed to show off their goods, few, if any, take it as far as covering every surface — inside and out — with their product. Perhaps that’s why the Stikwood booth was packed when I stopped by. And even though traffic was heavy, a friendly and informative salesperson quickly and politely answered my questions and softly pitched the product and the brand. I walked away wanting to buy pallets of this stuff.



Clarke Bath Products 

This booth, tucked away near the back of the North Hall, belonged to an up-and-coming bath company from Texas named Clarke Bath Products. A longtime OEM for other, more well-known bath product companies, Clarke stepped out under their own brand not too long ago. Their simple, low-tech booth featured a perimeter of gorgeous bath products lit dramatically from beneath. A black curtain hung from twenty feet up and stopped just short of the bathtubs, creating one sightline around the booth — all focused on the products. Whereas other bath brands relied on product demos and shouting salespeople, Clarke was content to sit back and let their products do the talking.



Working at Power, I’ve had the good fortune to work on a number of tradeshow displays and marketing efforts. After all — helping brands talk to dealers and distributors is half of what we do. Sometimes that means breaking out the AR/VR, and sometimes it just means simplifying a complex message down to the simplest and most impactful user experience we can create. Whatever it is, rest assured we’re prepared to be as audacious as necessary.



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