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What’s New with Google

Google is a powerful tool manufacturers can use to reach potential customers. Our home product advertisers already take advantage of highly effective and efficient Search, Display and Video platforms — but Google consistently adds new tactics to help advertisers meet their marketing needs. In fact, Google comes out with campaign enhancements so frequently, it can be a challenge to keep up. That’s where we come in! Working directly with Google as a Premier Partner, we take part in training and education to ensure our clients are hip to what’s happening with this marketing machine. Here are the top three things you should know:

1. Maximize Conversions Bidding Strategy

Home product manufacturers rarely go to market without at least some tools designed to increase sales leads. Google recently rolled out a Maximize Conversions bidding strategy that enhances campaigns to achieve the highest quantity of conversion actions within the allocated daily budget. This type of bidding takes advantage of Google algorithms that evaluate each impression opportunity against its likelihood to result in a conversion. This advanced technology factors in everything from historical campaign success to auction time signals, including highest converting devices, browsers, and even what time of day users are most likely to complete an action.






2. Custom Affinity Audience

No one knows your consumer better than you do. Perhaps your audience differs from the competition because they are technologically savvy, higher income or more educated — and also happen to like ice cream on Saturday. So how can you tailor your advertising to reach this ice cream connoisseur, apart from the cake eaters in the world of display marketing? With homemade custom audiences, made with love by your Power Media team, that’s how!

Advanced targeting options — including demographic, geography, interest, topics and even keywords — have been available for some time to help Google advertisers refine their audience segmentation above and beyond more simplistic traditional media methods. Custom Affinity audiences go a big step further by blending relevant keywords and identifying specific web content themes and YouTube videos that would interest your consumer. This mixture of data input and consumer insight puts the power of the Google algorithms to work, allowing them to “learn” what makes your audience different, thereby creating an extremely unique pool of viewers and delivering ads to them on the Google Display Network. While this type of targeting isn’t brand new, it may have been overlooked in favor of the other targeting methods. Note: this type of targeting requires detailed brand, product and consumer knowledge. Don’t let this opportunity slip by simply because it involves a little prep work. Power’s Media Team has the expertise to create Custom Affinity Audiences specifically for your brand.






(*puts on media expert apron, makes custom audience sauce)

Just a dash of home consumer blogs with a hint of relevant keywords

3. Promo Extensions

How do you convey product attributes, relative keywords, effective calls to action and promotional pricing within the confines of text ad character counts? You don’t. You make like Julia Roberts’ Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech and keep going.





“I’m not done yet!”

Ad Extensions — additional text that appears below text ads — have been tools used by SEM advertisers for some time. They enhance a user’s experience by providing additional information about your product or business, which increases the chances they will click on your ad.

New to the ad extension family, is the Promotion Extension, which allows advertisers to show promotional offers alongside existing expanded text ads.







In addition to extending the real estate of the text ad on the results page, Promo Extensions allow ad text to keep those important keywords and product benefits that payoff product user search queries. Consider them, if you will, the Flintstone vitamins of your AdWords campaign. Ad extensions have been known to enhance ad engagement metrics as well as overall campaign health score (as deemed by Dr. Google).

If you are a manufacturer who needs to spread the word about a seasonal offer quickly, then this could be just what the doctor ordered!

Google plays an important role in helping installed home product manufacturers reach the right audience for efficient costs. Don’t be left in the dark! Want an agency that’s qualified to help you reach your target audience and make the most of your marketing dollars? The Power Media Team is ready to help.





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