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Katie Kuhens Joins Power Digital Marketing Group

Katie Kuhens may have become a bona fide member of Power’s digital marketing group only a few short weeks ago, but she thinks coming here was, perhaps, inevitable.

“I toured Power on a class trip during my final semester in college and there was definitely something that stuck,” Katie said. “I think in the back of my mind, it has always been my goal to come to Power.”

Katie’s job on the digital team is UX/UI Designer. And what does that mean, exactly? UX (user experience) design is an approach that takes the user of any given digital product or platform into account from the beginning, analyzing how they will move from point A to point B. UI (user interface) design is the visual presentation of the user interactions. Katie explained it this way: “The UI of a design lets us know how a product should look, and the UX tells us how it should feel.”

After graduating from the University of Louisville with a BFA in Communication Art & Design, Katie spent four years at Katie Bush Design working with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and the companies they funded, mostly in healthcare, enterprise tech and security.

As for the new job at Power? “So far, so good,” Katie said. “I was put right to work on day one, and will soon be traveling to Bethesda, Maryland, for an intranet design project for Enviva, a manufacturer of biomass fuels.”

If you, like Katie, have somehow had a feeling that Power might be right for you, why not visit our CAREERS page and see what’s available?


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