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Creating Stunning Visuals With Computer Graphics

Power’s CG (computer graphics) department is a state-of-the-art studio integrated fully into the agency. Building on extensive talent and experience, the CG team can take 3D modeling, 3D and digital animations, product visualization, motion graphics (and much more) to polished perfection. From photo-real images to product explosions to virtual environments, we can make your visual content more impactful, immersive and way cooler than you ever expected.

What we do (and do well)

  • Product visualization
  • Technical storytelling
  • Custom 3D environments
  • Fluid simulations
  • Digital video/broadcast content

Why you’ll love working with us

We speak “engineering”

Our team has worked closely with clients (and quite often their engineers or product development teams) to gain a deep understanding of product attributes and what needs to be visually communicated.

Specialists with generalist tendencies

Every artist in the CG group has a unique mix of specialization (industrial, fluid simulations, lighting, etc.) and shared skills to ensure each project gets the support it deserves.

Experts in color and lighting

Our CG team works with our photographers to match camera settings, light temperatures and even F-stops between the real and virtual worlds – ensuring every detail is consistent and realistic.

Well ahead of product production

Long before a product rolls off the manufacturing line, we can showcase a virtual version of it in a real environment. Or we can visually showcase a new product on the trade show floor…or in an elaborate video presentation…before its assembly facility is even built.

Flexibility = savings

We are not limited by design or budget constraints – because there are no materials or labor. We can swap out materials and products (without eating up budget) to create new spaces out of existing designs.

Some Examples of Our Work

GE Aviation: Product Launch Video