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Connecting the dots to showcase marketing ROI

Our Insights & Strategy team is made up of data experts who use insights, analytics, forecasting and our own experience to craft a plan and analyze its success. We strive to close the loop on our clients’ marketing return-on-investment by aligning marketing initiatives with short- and long-term business goals. We connect these dots through strategy driven by insights and supported by data.

What we do (and do well)


  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboards & Insight Reporting
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Research + Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data Integrations


  • Account Planning
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Experience Plans

Why you’ll love working with us

A focus business impact

We focus on the results of every project. How was business affected? What do the numbers tell us? How can we make an even bigger impact next time? Those are the questions that keep us up at night.

Always looking ahead

During both annual and project planning, our methodology starts with understanding the business goals of our clients. We put the entire planning cycle at the center of our operation, while also monitoring external factors like industry trends and consumer data.

Continual Learning

The more we know, the better we can serve you. That’s why you’ll never hear us talk about “how we do things.” We stay on top of the latest tools, trends, and methodologies, so we always have the most current skillset.

Measuring and testing

We collaborate with clients to set marketing KPIs that provide a dynamic and nuanced indication of performance. Nothing our clients do is cookie cutter, so we don’t think our metrics should be either.

Audience persona development

We specialize in creating informed, detailed audience personas that help drive our strategic decision-making. What makes an audience tick? We’ll dive in and figure it out.