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Capturing Images That Capture Attention

Whether it’s commercial, editorial or product photography, our team has a wide lens of experience and talent. Our three studios – with over 20,000 sq. ft. of total space – is stocked with in-house resources: photographers, carpenters, architectural designers, stylists, an enormous prop room, comfortable meeting and workspaces, state-of-the-art equipment and so much more.

What we do (and do well)

  • Product Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Food & Beverage Photography
  • Interior Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Set Design & Construction
  • 360° Spin Photography

Why you’ll love working with us

Our clients own their photography

There are no royalties or restrictions on the assets we shoot for you (unless professional talent is involved). Big Box stores and other eCommerce platforms have started offering photography, video, CG and 360° spin photography for a fee, but you wouldn’t own the final deliverable.

Built for efficiency

Our photography process involves meticulous planning. We know what the camera will see and how it will see it before the first picture is ever taken. This helps us make the best use of time and budget.

Room to shoot and build

20,000-sq.-ft. of total studio space, on-staff construction crew and on-site workshop allows us to build sets (large or small) and/or make set modifications quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen and food prep

The studio also features a full-service kitchen and a professional food preparation area — ideal for propping interior sets.

Extra amenities make production easy

Our studio also boasts a lot of little extras designed to accommodate even the most complicated shoots. This includes truck-height loading dock, oversize overhead door/drive-in studio, fork truck, 35-foot-high ceilings, natural gas hookups, seven dedicated 220V outlets and six 50A spider boxes.

Best-in-class equipment

Our studio is equipped with the most up-to-date studio lighting and cameras, all supported by a commercial-photography-grade electrical system.

Attention to the finest details

In addition to photographers, our talented in-house retouchers make everything they work on look beautiful and inspirational. Their skills include color correction, image cleanup, detail addition and partial product rebuild.

Styling and props to complete the picture

In-house stylists ensure each environment is camera ready. Our well-stocked prop room and wardrobe department (complete with a laundry room) gives us an arsenal of resources at our fingertips.

Architectural design. From concept to completion.

With a combination of 3D models, sketches, materials boards and images of comparable spaces, we can show clients exactly what the project will look like. Then we can design and engineer it ourselves or collaborate with current architects or contractors to make it happen.

360 Spin Photography for eCommerce

Power can help you deliver the product visual experience your online shoppers want with our new 360° spin photography studio. Capture every product angle and even allow shoppers to spin, rotate and zoom.

Some Examples of Our Work

Armchair: 360 Spin Photography
Tool Bag: 360 Spin Photography