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We're the first business-to-dealer-to-consumer agency in the land. Click play to learn more!


We’re staking our claim to a marketing specialty we've known for 40 years. Business-to-dealer-to-consumer (B2D2C). It’s a niche, to be sure, but a vital one for countless brands with multi-channel sales networks. The strategic and tactical idiosyncrasies involved in successfully marketing to multiple sales channels are something we’ve cultivated over decades of practice, study and adaptation. Interested in going a bit deeper? Explore Power’s service portfolio to see how it's built around supporting the client in every phase of the B2D2C spectrum.

Power Affiliates

Strike Lab

As a marketing tech arm of the agency, Strike Lab is a team of experienced artists, developers and techophiles assembled to help clients take advantage of early-lifecycle technologies such as virtual reality.


Kitestring is an independent visualization company spun off from Power. It offers world-class CGI, photography and video services to help agencies and marketers elevate ideas, bring them to compelling, inspiring life.

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