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Services: Measurement + Analytics

If you're not measuring your marketing efforts against defined criteria, success remains undefined—and unattainable. That’s unacceptable. Power’s media experts and digital strategy team work hand in hand covering everything from placed media analysis to key website performance metrics.

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Online Analytics

We’re well-versed in Google Analytics and can follow the media trail from a user’s engagement with an ad into their website experience. Customized, regular reports include identifying who’s coming to your site, where they came from, using which device, and how they found you. Once there, what did they look at, and for how long? We’re analyzing conversions, tracking user paths and measuring the success of KPIs. It’s an ongoing process of gathering information, assessing and making refinements.


From the data generated, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and what can be adjusted to improve ROI. Technology never sleeps, so we proactively look for new tools and initiatives that can optimize your site so that it really delivers—an ideal experience for your audience, and the tangible results you need to further your business goals.


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