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Rock-solid foundation.

Services: Planning + Support

Before the brainstorming sessions kick off. Before any tactic is determined. Before the first creative concept is sketched on a Qdoba napkin. We lay the crucial marketing groundwork. Our planning + support services are designed to certify there’s a clear definition of the core fundamentals: channel, audience, marketing & communications support and brand standards. This goes beyond a well-crafted creative or marketing brief. This is a deep dive into all factors of your brand and marketing goals to ensure they are targeted, on strategy and consistent across the brand.

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Brand Standards

We regard ourselves as brand police and stewards. As your marketing vendor, it’s our responsibility to uphold the integrity of your brand(s) by following your standards to an absolute tee. They’re our litmus test. We believe this is critical to consistency and helps maintain a coherent customer and consumer experience across every channel and medium. If you’re launching a new brand or are in need of a refresh, we are well versed in the art of establishing brand standards in all facets. Graphic guidelines. Brand positioning. Value proposition. Brand essence and ethos. Messaging guidelines. Voice and tone. In addition to creation of these standards, we can help package it up in a dynamic format in order to distribute it to your marketing stakeholders, vendors and sales force—keeping all parties on the same page.

Audience Segmentation

As a B2D2C agency with an expertise in installed home products, we’re focused on very specific target populations. On the front end of your selling strategy, we segment audiences based on your sales chain. Dealers. Distributors. Integrators. Builders. Contractors. Architects. Remodelers. Big-box retailers. On the back end, our audience segmentation focuses on the homeowner or homebuyer. We help define your target to create a predictive model on how they’re most likely to exhibit a behavior, engage with your brand and make purchase decisions. As we segment, we compile the knowledge necessary to define customized versions of marketing content, channel plans, media vehicles and sales tool resources based on content consumptions, unique behaviors and media use.

Channel Planning

Reaching the right decision-makers at every step of the purchase process is a major focus. As access to devices and content proliferates, we’ve developed expertise across this shifting landscape, with emphasis on emerging digital tactics. This is where Power scrutinizes the real-time intent signals of your audience—and your audience’s audience. What do they watch (broadcast television or utilize connected TV)? Do they listen to local traffic alerts and shift to digital radio while at work? Are they reading content on their tablet or do they engage in social media via an app? Which ones? What time of the day? Do native ads and banners turn them off or does the latest IAB rising star unit engage while educating them? This is just a small sample of the factors we consider in optimizing media cross-channel, cross-device impressions, engagement and conversions. Or whatever the KPI.

Channel Messaging

This is the convergence of our audience segmentation and channel planning. Once we have an intimate understanding of the psychology and consuming habits of your audience, we determine the best possible messaging strategy for each channel. We then tap into our pool of creative artists and technologies to create something powerful. It’s this kind of flexibility and modularity that helps ensure your marketing tells the right stories, at the right time, in the right channels, in the right way.

Marketing Support

We believe it’s imperative to evaluate a client’s entire marketing ecosystem. Regardless of the project, initiative or campaign—from launching a new product introduction (NPI) to updating a sales training tool—it must play harmoniously with the rest of your marketing efforts. We have the experience to evaluate all the moving parts and recommend a synchronized plan across all channels to achieve identified KPIs. If you have a pool of marketing vendors, we’re also happy to coordinate efforts and provide the needed support to drive a successful outcome.


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