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Services: Production + Circulation

This is where the heart of Power’s tangible work gets done. Informed from our research, we take insights and turn them into connecting points up and down your sales channel. In this execution phase, our structure facilitates precise implementation of marketing plans to make the optimal impression on target audiences. Teams are assembled matching skills with deliverables and Project Managers ensure an efficient and effective process. We’re selling the sellers, and with every communication, we’re focused on getting them, and keeping them, in your camp.

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Print Materials + Collateral

In a business-to-dealer-to-consumer sales chain, print and collateral still play a vital role in marketing communications. We’ve been doing this since we opened our doors in 1976. More than anything else, we understand multi-channel sales networks and the mindset of dealers and distributers. They need support to expand their opportunities and grow their business. Product line brochures, POP, dealer kits, direct mail, and sales presentations are still a part of this landscape, even as we evolve them for the next generation of your channel partners. As a manufacturer, giving the channel every reason to keep you top of mind is critical. If dealers are well equipped, they’ll sell more, more often, for you. That’s how we measure success.

Digital Engagement

We recognized early on that sales channel marketing was moving to digital formats, and so we put together the people and processes necessary to support our clients’ efforts in the digital realm. We helped their websites become centralized hubs for marketing materials needed by field reps. In addition, we developed interactive versions of collateral pieces accessible via tablets to be easily shared with end users on sales calls. Apps and mobile-responsive sites are second nature to us, and help ensure your entire channel, as well as their customers, have the information they need, when and where they need it. Jumping off the tradeshow floor with exciting and engaging content, some of our booth experiences—using the latest image mapping and interactive technology—have generated lines out the door. Plus the marketing tech arm of Power, StrikeLab, keeps us on the leading edge of digital innovations like virtual reality that will soon be an integral part of marketing installed home products.

Video Development

We live in a world dominated by screens, with videos playing a key content role—websites, smartphone commercials, YouTube channels, in-store displays and more. Showcasing installed home products requires a special touch and a sense of how to stand out in a crowded market. It also requires a profound understanding of how big-box retailers and consumer sites need video content packaged to sell products online. Power’s many years of experience developing video concepts for global brands includes everything from broadcast TV and long-format pieces to sales and training support. We’re adept at capturing a brand’s essence through video experiences, working closely with our affiliated production partner to develop and execute work that tells the world what you want it to know about your line extensions, new product introductions, corporate messaging and more.

Digital Asset + Content Management

For manufacturers of installed home products, effective archiving and deployment of digital assets are critical to responding to market demands. For the last 15 years, Power has developed and refined our process to manage digital marketing content for numerous brands in multiple product categories. This includes following each client’s new product introduction (NPI) process to ensure assets required for launches are in place and available at milestones throughout the product lifecycle.


Channel planning—reaching the right decision-makers at every step of the B-to-D-to-C purchase process—is the main focus of Power’s media department. As access to devices and content proliferates, our media team has developed expertise across this shifting landscape, with emphasis on emerging digital tactics. A media plan is only as good as the established metrics of measuring success. In the development phase, it’s our job to create a roadmap that answers back to identified priorities and is designed to achieve specific goals. Successful media campaigns are the result of focused planning and constant optimization. We leverage social media, SEO, SEM and industry publishers across the channel to access vertical markets from local to global perspectives. To ensure constant program evolution and ongoing success, we carefully manage campaign performance reports and share results across teams.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms grow by the day. Recognizing which ones are best suited for our clients to meet their marketing objectives is the top priority. As a communication vehicle, they are ideal for offering organizations and companies a means to connect and interact with their members and customers. Beyond a powerful communication tool, these platforms deliver ad targeting on a granular level through a media tool that is highly focused, efficient and effective.


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