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Services: Programs + Relationships

It’s our job to help you find new and meaningful ways to connect with your customers. Even in a tightly defined group, people need to feel like they're having a bit of a one-to-one relationship with your brand. We'll make sure your customers know there's only one thing on your mind—taking care of them.

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Branded Content

If there’s a category that demands relevance to the audience, it’s home products. Developing a holistic branded content plan is essential in creating the kinds of meaningful touch points and valuable information that inspires loyalty from your customers and separates you from your competitors. Whether it’s videos, brand experiences, blogs, social media or the many other ways we help connect people and products, we never forget that content is a means to an end—driving conversions that lead to sales and growth.

Digital Development

In the modern landscape, digital components should be the leading edge of your marketing efforts. Power’s digital expertise has been evolving and refining since the late 90s. What hasn’t changed is the foundation of our initiatives: ensuring that the work answers back to your business goals. Pretty novel, huh? We offer the full spectrum of services, ranging from advanced web and multimedia development to complex back-end programming solutions. Our strategists and full-stack developers work closely with creatives and account services to understand business conditions, outcome drivers and conversion metrics. The result is a tightly executed, engaging and brand-reinforcing user experience. What kind of experience? Everything from responsive microsites to highly customized, data-driven applications. We work seamlessly on every device your customers use: Android, iOS, desktop, mobile, tablets, and smart devices. We provide back-end/database development, CMS development, native mobile app development, e-commerce, CRM automation, third-party API integration, local and cloud-based hosting services, and server administration. Yeah, it’s a laundry list—one that has served our clients very well.


We recognize that maintaining a strong and continuously relevant relationship with your customers is absolutely critical. We help our clients optimize their CRM programs, working through their specific platforms and incorporating them into our digital development process. Email marketing efforts, landing pages and websites are designed to work seamlessly with your CRM tools so that leads are captured and go directly to identified sales teams. We also ensure that this incoming data is tracked and measured throughout the entire sales process, allowing us to continuously improve messaging and content so you have more, and better, opportunities to sell.


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