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Gamified smart home scores big

AR technology showcases Interlogix’s UltraSync smart home system

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is THE event to introduce new tech and devices. For this year’s show Power developed ThinkSync, an animated AR game to help our client Interlogix introduce their UltraSync™ smart home system to consumers in a fun and engaging way.

Even though Interlogix has sold over 5 million residential systems in the US and Canada, it’s not a household name. It’s a well-known brand to security dealers and professionals. But to homeowners, not so much. To bring some end-user visibility to the brand and its offerings, we combined AR and a game app that drew attendees into the Interlogix booth. In the AR game, players were in charge of keeping a 3-D virtual house safe and secure. Working against a countdown clock, players earned points for activating UltraSync smart home features like turning on lights, viewing kids coming home from school, locking doors and adjusting the thermostat when the weather changed.

Played on the newest iPad Pro using Apple’s new AR Kit, the game was a big hit as visitors challenged each other to get the daily high score. Once in the booth—stylized to resemble a living room complete with couches, rugs and lamps—visitors also got a first-hand look at how their own home could get a smart upgrade with Interlogix products.

After CES, the ThinkSync game is being re-purposed for other dealer events, and plans are in the works to refine it for additional applications including training for security dealers. All in all, the ThinkSync AR game made a big impression that’s helping Interlogix grow their awareness among people looking to bring tech and convenience into their home life.


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