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Adding even more magic to Magic-Pak

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to enhance the HVAC sales process

When Allied Air was given a demonstration of our Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities, and shown how the technology could be used as an effective HVAC sales tool, they couldn’t wait to get started!

Although Allied Air’s Magic-Pak brand was recognized as the industry leader in Single Packaged Vertical Unit (SPVU) heating and cooling systems, their salespeople were still using very traditional mediums, like PowerPoint presentations and brochures, to sell SPVU’s many benefits.

We helped showcase how an AR/VR sales tool would strengthen their ability to sell more product by giving architects and engineers a more innovative, up-close and in-depth demonstration of Magic-Pak’s features and benefits. Over the next eight months, Power and Allied Air worked closely together to optimize the customer experience from a sales perspective, to ensure no hardware disruption and to elevate the AR/VR tool’s functionality.

The VR component of of the tool included a CG rendering of the Magic-Pak unit and its surroundings, animations of aspects like airflow and louver assembly, and product/feature hotspots with accompanying descriptive text. The AR portion had a similar CG rendering of the unit, but the user could view the actual size in a real-life environment.

For the Magic-Pak sales team, the AR part of the tool was perfect for use in a large environment, like a tradeshow, while the VR part was ideal for more intimate product demonstrations, perhaps in an office or boardroom. Once the Magic-Pak AR/VR sales tool was perfected and approved, the Allied Air sales team accessed it via a downloadable app on their Android tablets. The six-man-strong sales force then took the tool out into the real world and let it do its magic.


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