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Playing by the Book

A Lennox Dealer Guide Game-Changer

Once a year, all Lennox® Dealers get together to celebrate the fact that they’re Lennox Dealers. And, like every year, they’re expecting a high-quality printed program-slash-guidebook-slash-coffee-table-book that celebrates everything Lennox.

This particular year, Lennox didn’t want to simply give their Dealers the info. They wanted to leave the dealers with the impression that they’re part of a company that has its eye on the future, but its heart in the right place. Lennox wanted its dealers to feel fun yet professional, and empowered yet supported. And they wanted something memorable. We were all over it.



Every year, Lennox hosts a massive convention known as the Dealer Meeting, a nationwide blowout to which all Lennox Dealers, territory managers and support personnel are invited. And every year, the event incorporates a theme that influences everything from the entertainment and decorations to the food, events, opening ceremonies and support materials.

A large part of this Dealer Meeting is the delivery of a printed reference book known as the Lennox Playbook. This annually produced book is mailed to every attendee. It contains everything a Lennox Dealer needs to know about Lennox, its products, and the resources available to sell Lennox products.

dealer monolopy

In 2013, Lennox decided the Dealer Meeting theme would involve games. This not only opened them up to a lot of fun decorations and engagement ideas for attendees, but it also stood as a powerful metaphor for the marketplace itself.

After all, Lennox Dealers were playing a sort of game in the field, a game in which they competed against other manufacturers’ dealers for market share. We couldn’t wait to get the creative juices flowin’. And flow they did. Our creative team pitched an idea that fit perfectly with the client’s vision.

dealer meeting dave lennox

The Lennox Playbook needed a “Virtual Dave.” Fortunately, we had just the ticket. One of our 3-D animators is a former artist for a world-famous children’s educational TV show. You know…the one with a big yellow bird and a misanthrope living in a trashcan.

A fully rendered and textured Dave became the centerpiece of every Lennox Playbook spread, interacting with every board game, video game and card game with his own little white-gloved hands.

Opening Section

Entitled Sales With Trends, this section was styled like the popular crossword game Words With Friends.

Products Section

The complete product line was displayed in a section themed like the popular board game Monopoly, renamed Lennoxopoly.

Marketing Support

This section, detailing the many resources Lennox provides to dealers in the field, featured an opening spread with Virtual Dave in a setting reminiscent of Farmville and The Sims.

DaveNet Section

DaveNet is an online resource made available to every Lennox Dealer. As DaveNet is the portal between Lennox Dealers and the company, this section’s opening spread featured Dave Lennox as part of a foosball table.

Selling Section

Focused on the strategies and tactics for selling Lennox products, this section was styled to look like classic board games such as Chess, Checkers and Battleship.


A section about the sales, educational and technical resources provided to Lennox Dealers was designed to look like the Nintendo video game Super Mario World.

The opponents are fast and motivated. Strategies can change at a moment’s notice. The pieces in play change every day, and the game board’s never the same twice. In the 2013 Playbook, you’ll find some game-winning moves.

dealer meeting lennoxopoly

In the opening spread, Virtual Dave is seen standing next to a stack of heating- and air conditioning-themed board games, one of which is named Lennoxopoly. In a conversation with the Lennox client during the approval process, the idea was hatched to create an actual physical version of Lennoxopoly to hand out as a premium.

Power created the artwork for the board itself, as well as the playing pieces and specialty cards. Instead of the traditional top hat, race car or flat iron found in a Monopoly set, Lennoxopoly used metal game pieces styled after Lennox furnace and air conditioner equipment.

One-hundred copies were created. Dealers could purchase a copy of Lennoxopoly at the Dealer Meeting, and a few copies were given out as prizes. Everyone had a good time, even the banker.


In the end, the Dealer Playbook proved to be a huge hit at the Dealer Meeting. We were proud to create something that spanned the era of board games to the era of video games, giving every Lennox dealer something they could relate to. 

We also proved once again that a printed reference book doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, we brought print, copy and 3-D modeling together into one awesome project.


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