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Prioritizing a powerful message

Edwards Fire Safety may be an old company, hailing all the way back to the first fire alarm ever invented in 1872, but that doesn’t mean they’re old fashioned. They safeguard enterprise level facilities like skyscrapers and multi-building university campuses, and they’re constantly pushing the envelope of what technology can do to make these spaces safer.

In fact, they’ve created a suite of fire and life safety products that their competitors won’t be able to match for years to come. So, when they needed a campaign that would convey their commitment to excellence while generating new business, they called on The Power Agency.

Pulling out some serious solutions

Advertising integrated fire and life safety interfaces takes some serious thought. In fact, developing a strategic marketing plan for the Edwards Priority campaign took long-term collaboration across several of our most brilliant departments.

What did all that planning get us? A diverse, dynamic media plan backed by a strategy-forward philosophy that would let our client improve their impact while broadening their reach, to speak directly to their industry thought-leaders like never before.

All that was missing was some killer creative to juice the engine.

Concepting a memorable moment

Power has one of the most robust creative teams in the region, and it shows best when the department gets competitive. To come up with a truly outstanding campaign for one of our favorite clients, members of the creative team paired off to combine art direction and copywriting for fiery results.

Ultimately, we presented two dynamic, vastly different concepts to the Edwards team and gave them the challenging task of selecting on that they felt they could relate to the most. In the end they selected Priority, a multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary campaign that married strategy, messaging, custom landing pages, and targeted media tactics to raise brand awareness while promoting a groundbreaking suite of life safety products.

Collaborating on a complicated campaign

Once the team at Edwards had made their concept selection, it was time to roll up our sleeves and start work on executing some of the most collaborative initiatives we’ve undertaken to date.

Our creative staff worked closely with our in-house UX/UI experts to craft landing pages that are meaningful and informative while still being easy to navigate and explore. Our media and strategy teams put their heads together to fine-tune plans that would be both efficient and effective. Our account service pros balanced client expectations and staff workload. Honestly, it’d be easier to say who didn’t work on this campaign.

The strategy team collaborated with the media department throughout the process to develop insights for targeting across industries and across the sales funnel. These insights also informed the creative department and helped guide art and copy decisions, so that everything worked together holistically.

Banging out the big bucks

We love the way the Priority campaign turned out. We think it’s beautiful and powerful, it tells a brand story and makes people feel closer to Edwards than ever before.

Campaign impressions
Increase in website traffic
increase in page views and site engagement
Cups of coffee consumed

It also works

Our media tactics in 2019 resulted in more than 24 million campaign impressions, a 65% increase in website traffic year-over-year, and drove a 76% increase in page views and site engagement.

In real world terms, that means our client enjoyed 11,000 possible new leads in 2019 alone. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves.

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