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Helping GE Aviation’s latest engine take flight

GE Aviation, working in partnership with aircraft manufacturer Aerion, was set to unveil its latest innovation — the first supersonic engine purpose-built for business jets. As part of an effort to generate industry-wide buzz, Power produced a compelling CG animation video showcasing the GE Affinity engine’s groundbreaking design.

Engaging the engineers

The timeline was tight – just six weeks from receiving source materials to finished video. Starting with CAD files, Power was able to produce highly realistic, 10k renderings as well as a 45-second video highlighting the new engine’s features and capabilities. As part of the project, Power animators also worked closely with GE engineers to ensure proprietary component designs were protected.

Time to launch

The engine’s launch took place at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention, the largest business aviation event in the world. Housed inside both GE Aviation and Aerion booths, the animation video brought the engine — still in development — fully to life while highlighting key innovations and features relevant to convention attendees. Further leveraging the assets, GE repurposed the images for social media outlets, press materials and sales presentations. Though the plane is slated for first flight in 2023, Power helped play a role in ensuring a smooth take off.


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