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Elevate every experience

Monogram recently launched a redesigned 48” dual-fuel professional range. Since the product would not be physically present in stores right away, they needed a new way to show off the appliance’s advanced features and enhanced appearance to consumers and dealers. So Power digital team went to work creating a dynamic online product experience.

Bringing our best minds together

Digitally recreating Monogram’s dual-fuel professional range brought together the combined resources of Power’s CG, UX/UI, web development and creative teams. The goal was to produce an online experience that was high-end enough to reflect Monogram’s elevated brand essence, but simple enough that anyone could interact with it.

The result was a 3D product viewer that is extremely interactive with high-quality visuals. By utilizing an additional server to handle the visual rendering—instead of relying on the browser—Power developed a true-to-life online representation of the new range.

Selling our creative vision

The Monogram team was thrilled to see a beautifully detailed and interactive version of the range online. The rendering made the appliance attractive to potential clients and dealers, while also maintaining the high-quality standards of the Monogram brand.

The team then chose the top range features to include in the drop-down menu. Before fully executing the viewer, a wireframe model was developed to show how each of the interactions would function.

Exploring the beauty of technology

Together, the creative and CG teams mapped out camera moves and onscreen lighting to ensure that every feature was shown in the most cinematic way possible. This attention to detail allowed the 3D product viewer to provide users with the closest possible experience to interacting with the range in real life. Plus, they would be able to spin the product and see it from angles that are not possible on a traditional sales floor.

To better show off the functionality of certain features, like adding a blue gas flame beneath a cooktop burner, the Power CG team incorporated 2D Sprite Animation. This technique provided additional movement and dynamism beyond the original motion. And the flowing camera moves ensured a smooth transition as users moved from feature to feature.

Captivating audiences in a safe and satisfying way

Once the interactive 3D range viewer was complete, it was launched on both Monogram consumer- and dealer-facing websites. The timing couldn’t have been better, as COVID-19 had limited the ability for potential customers to visit stores and design centers. Now Monogram had a way to show off the beauty, craftsmanship and impressive functionality of their newest range for online audiences to explore from the safety of their homes.


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