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Revamping the usual to be more effective for dealers

After decades of producing an industry-leading catalog for GE Appliances, it was time to take the pulse of dealers and see how effective the branding, format, structure and content of the catalog really was. We started by working with our client’s insights and research team to set up interviews with real dealers.

Re-imagining the catalog

We immediately knew that we wanted our dealers to have alternative catalog models to react to, so our creative teams created highly editorial concepts for three GE Appliances brands: Café, GE Profile and Haier. These concepts were based on the target demographic for each brand, but balanced the dealer need for selling information.

Dealer feedback proved invaluable

Armed with our classic catalog and our editorial concepts, we visited three local appliance dealerships and one big box store. While opinions were split across the board on things like image choice and font style, one common theme emerged quickly. Dealers skipped past marketing content in search of specific product information and photography. Big pictures. Smart organization. That’s what mattered most.

An all-new catalog strategy

We started implementing dealer feedback by breaking out each brand into its own book, which would help with big-picture organization and branding. We also eliminated marketing content, replacing it with full-bleed kitchen photography to help dealers show product in context. Similarly, we created new, image-driven spreads that helped show variations in models, finishes and configurations.

Insight-driven results

We made sure that every detail – from product naming to wayfinding – laddered up to a dealer insight. We even developed the catalog box based on how dealers store catalogs in their offices. The result was a product that answered the real needs of the audience. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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