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Are having mobile-friendly websites and apps really such a big deal for dealers? Short answer: yes, yes and . . . yes! With Google setting the pace for mobile-friendly website optimization and mobile searches reaching critical mass, the need for effective, responsive websites is a must for any and every market.

Today, if your site is non-responsive, your search results are heavily penalized. Translation: you won’t be featured as prominently and your opportunities are going to take a hit. Even before Google announced their new search algorithm, we could see a quick-moving front of mobile technology looming on the horizon.


To ensure our clients’ sites remained visible to searches—and competitive and responsive to their dealers’ needs—we knew we had to help them make the change as quickly and efficiently as possible. So we began working with our clients develop a plan for mobile migration.

Our work for Interlogix is a prime example. Their dealer channel is absolutely essential to their growth and success, and supporting them with resources to help sell product is key to instilling loyalty. Read on to see how Power was able to help Interlogix quickly adapt to stay relevant in the connected world.


Interlogix is an industry-leading security solutions provider for residential and commercial applications. Think security cameras, smoke, heat and carbon dioxide detectors, control panels, door and window sensors, so on and so forth. Like many of Power’s clients, Interlogix has a robust dealer network that spans the whole country.

Most of their dealer-customer interactions take place in the field, away from the office—which is why they needed mobile solutions. They needed to give their sales network quick and easy access to product information—anytime, anywhere, on any device. And they turned to Power to start the migration. Responsive web design, first. App-based selling tools, next.


To transform our client’s website into a mobile-friendly experience, all hands were on deck: strategy and account management up front, digital strategy and planning throughout, along with a team of developers and creatives. Our focus was on four key outcomes:

  1. Ensure website optimization in the mobile world.
  2. Maintain brand look and integrity.
  3. Enhance visual appeal with User Interface (UI) design.
  4. Ensure dealer-friendly functionality with User Experience (UX) design.

Reconfiguring a website can be a daunting task and potentially nerve-racking for the client. To ensure Interlogix felt comfortable and informed throughout the process, we included them in every aspect of the planning. We agreed upon a two-phase approach.


Phase one of the plan involved an extensive review of the existing site and determining if any content changes or template adjustments were needed. Site analytics were also used to help determine mobile-responsive design elements, and to help prioritize page content according to what information was being most searched for by existing website users.

Copywriters and art directors oversaw the creative integrity of the site, while the client continued to add important input relating to brand messaging. It was a great opportunity to tighten, refine, optimize. And, boy, do we love to do that!

Once the website was successfully migrated to the mobile-friendly format, phase two of the operation began. This involved the continued optimization of the site based on current user data. We knew that product information was a leading search objective, so the new design made it easy for users to find the product they were looking for. This approach ensured Interlogix dealers received the most effective and responsive selling tool possible, and that new content was quickly available to maximize their opportunities.


Security cameras for homes and businesses account for a significant part of Interlogix’ product portfolio and revenue stream. We knew their dealers were constantly on the move and rarely at their desks; so gaining access to their full range of IP cameras and support was proving difficult for them.

But there was another, even pricklier, thorn in the sales forces’ side: helping their customers identify which camera was best for their installation—be it a school, office or a grocery store. There were too many variables involved and it was proving to be biggest hurdle in the sales process.

Our solution was the creation and development of a camera selector app. The mobile app made it quick and easy for dealers to find the ideal camera for each application. Specifically, it gave dealers access to complete IP camera lines AND included intuitive filters to help narrow the search for the camera best suited to the customer’s security needs.

Our strategists and app developers mapped out how the app would function, and a creative team ensured it reflected our client’s brand look and feel. We also worked with the client’s product and marketing team, to ensure the app delivered an intuitive experience that met real-world needs. By structuring the app to sort camera options by multiple criteria, dealers could quickly and effectively narrow down to the ideal cameras for each application they were working on.

Bonus! The app was also designed to communicate with the existing product database, so if a new product was added to the website, the camera selector app would automatically update without having to access the app store. Pretty cool, huh? We’re always doing stuff like that…looking ahead to add convenience down the road.

By structuring the app to sort camera options by multiple criteria, dealers could quickly and effectively narrow down the ideal cameras for each application they were working on.


We knew from the outset that we needed to help our client stay current in the mobile environment so their channel customers could access information and therefore optimize their selling opportunities. In this industry, responsive sites and functional apps are a huge deal…the difference between earning a dealer’s loyalty and being left behind for a more supportive and adaptable competitor. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than proactively helping a client in a way that directly impacts their business. By working as a team,we delivered all the responsiveness the dealers were looking for, and we helped elevate our client’s website search profile—both now and in the future.


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