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A spirited set for one of our favorite straight shooters

Did you know The Power Agency is home to some of the region’s finest photography facilities and professionals? Heaven Hill did. That’s why, when they needed a smooth shoot for their bourbon, Larceny, they called us. No one could have predicted that the rockiest part of the project would be the ice.

Shots fired

The Power Agency has been proud to partner with Heaven Hill many times, so when they came to us in need of a photoshoot for 18 signature bourbon cocktails, we poured our hearts into the job. Senior Stylist April Brown went to work planning and creating mixers and garnishes to make every cocktail picture perfect. In fact, April styled and mixed every cocktail herself to ensure perfection on every pour.

Stealing the show

“Believe it or not, the hardest part of this shoot was the ice,” said April. “I knew that it needed to be absolutely clear, so I spent four days boiling and freezing distilled water.” Despite hours of research and effort, April couldn’t get it to meet her exacting standards, so she sourced the crystalline cubes from a local vendor.

Then our photographer had to work fast to capture ideal images before the ice melted and distorted the color of the bourbon or cocktail. “Cold drinks under photography lights melt quickly,” said April, “so working fast was the name of the game.”

Smoky smooth

When the cocktails weren’t icy cold, they were smokin’ hot. Signature Larceny hot toddies needed steam to showcase their warmth, but replicating steam on set required some creativity. “We improvised,” said April. “We had a colleague lie down behind the table and blow cigar smoke up, making it look like steam was rising from the surface of the mug.”

Bullet proof

From crystal-clear ice to smoky steam, the Larceny shoot gave us a chance to flex our creativity and solve problems on the fly, delivering gorgeous shots that have completely transformed the Larceny website. Cheers!

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