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Creative challenge accepted

One of the universal problems faced by the commercial HVAC industry is how to present their products to multiple audiences and on multiple platforms. 

Lennox Commercial wanted to tackle this issue head on and do it in a way that was modern and engaging. They challenged The Power Agency to respond with a creative solution that would make their products more accessible and more memorable.

Access all areas

How do you move a 3-ton rooftop unit with your finger? Or take a look inside, without opening a toolbox? That’s the level of accessibility that Power wanted to provide Lennox Commercial, so that its products could be viewed and explored by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

Working closely together, Power’s creative and CGI departments came up with an innovative way to deliver this enhanced level of product interaction: create a 3D interactive environment, populated by stunningly-realistic, computer generated HVAC units.

3D meets HVAC

To bring Lennox Commercial’s products to life, Power proposed creating two new 3D interactive experiences—a 3D interactive Touch Table with an interactive product viewer and a 3D product viewer for their website. Each interactive experience would contain the same CGI model builds of five commercial products: three rooftop units and two heaters. The interactive Touch Table would be built using the Unity platform, while the website version would use WebGL.

Lennox Commercial immediately grasped the potential of this 3D product environment and gave Power an enthusiastic thumbs up. The 3D interactive Touch Table would give them an excellent sales tool and product education vehicle, especially at tradeshows. And, the online 3D models would allow customers to engage with the units in a realistic way, giving them valuable information on how they would benefit a real-life project.

Working on a tight, 8-week schedule, both 3D projects were managed simultaneously. This approach delivered many cost, time and executional efficiencies, including those gained through simultaneous UX/UI design and development.

Building brands through innovation and creativity

The 3D interactive Touch Table and WebGL online experiences were launched at Lennox Commercial’s National Sales Meeting and met with a lot of excitement. The technical and creative skills that Power brought to the project continue to establish us as a trusted partner for Lennox Commercial. A partner who works to elevate their brand and products, using the latest and most innovative technology available.


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