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The Cause Behind the Man Behind the Moustache.

The Lennox Movember Social Media and Internal Recruitment Campaign

Since 2013, Power has helped support Lennox® Residential’s partnership with the Movember Foundation through an annual campaign focused on internal recruitment, external awareness and charitable giving. Starting in 2014, the campaign also included a strong component of social media engagement.

Known as Lennox Movember, the campaign encourages men and women to raise awareness of men’s health causes in several ways. Throughout the month of November, men are encouraged to grow moustaches and raise donations, while women are asked to help raise donations and support the moustache-growers they know. Lennox Movember also asks participants to start or join moustache-growing teams to facilitate the collection of donations and raise awareness for the cause.

This is a cause that is near and dear to Lennox for several reasons. First, with a primarily male dealer base, Movember resonates with a large number of Lennox employees. Second, the Lennox “mascot,” Dave Lennox, features a prominent moustache himself, making him a natural face for the campaign.

Growing, sharing, engaging

During every Lennox Movember campaign, engagement is the measure of success. Lennox posts Movember-related content on its social media properties, and donates a set amount of money every time one of those posts is shared. For 2014’s campaign, the amount was set at $2 per share, and content was posted to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

The 2014 Movember campaign was divided into two parts — The Face of Change and Face Responsibility. Each was designed with a different audience and a different purpose in mind.


The Face of Change served as an internal campaign within Lennox corporate headquarters. The purpose of The Face of Change was to drum up support among employees—and encourage them to form and join Movember moustache-growing teams—using a series of communications featuring the #FaceOfChange hashtag.


The Face of Change began with a video sent out to every employee. As an interesting visual approach, Power chose a vintage slide projector format for the video. Accompanied by the sound of a projector fan and the classic beeps between frames, the video presented a series of still images of Dave Lennox explaining what Movember was all about, why Lennox was involved, and what employees could do to help.


After the video aired, Power helped Lennox follow up with a series of internal communications.

The first involved placing moustaches on employee bathroom mirrors, positioned in such a way that the moustache appeared to be on the employee’s face. Off to the side, a series of posters explained what Movember was, and why each employee’s participation was crucial.

Printed posters were also placed around Lennox headquarters featuring Dave Lennox in the classic Uncle Sam “I Want You” pose, along with an explanation of Movember and why it was so important to the company.

In each execution, employees were told how important they were to the effort, making them the “face of change” for men’s health by growing moustaches and supporting the cause.


Once employees were aware of the cause, the next step involved the creation of Movember teams. Team leaders were selected by Lennox management, with each team leader receiving a large moustache to hang on his or her door designating them as a point of contact for the Movember cause.

Emails were sent out to every employee asking for their participation, telling them who to contact if they were interested in joining a Movember team. Furthermore, the Lennox internal website featured banners explaining the cause, and what everyone could do to help.

After the teams were formed, employees were reminded via email to continue soliciting donations for their team, and to grow their moustaches or support those who did. Reminder banner ads were also present on the Lennox internal website, as was a leaderboard showing which employee teams had raised the most money to date.


At the end of the month, the team that raised the most money was awarded the “Champions of Moustachery” trophy. Custom-created out of welded metal, the trophy featured a large moustache on a pedestal engraved with the Latin phrase “novacula non get victor,” or, “a winner needs no razor.”


Once the internal campaign was underway, the second phase could begin. Face Responsibility was the external component of the Movember effort. It used the hashtag #FaceResponsibility, and served two important purposes.

First, it sought to encourage people who engaged Lennox on social media properties to share content and, in so doing, donate to the cause. Second, it encouraged men to pay more attention to their health by eating better and scheduling a doctor’s visit.


The social media communications came in many forms. The most elaborate was the content created for YouTube, which featured three different videos. Each video centered around the “Wall of Manliness,” a wood-paneled wall adorned with manly things like a stuffed bear, a mounted fish, a fireman’s suit, a mantled fireplace and sports trophies.

In each video, Dave Lennox would walk along the wall pointing out objects that were examples of just how manly the viewer was. For example, “You’re so manly, you entered a bear-wrestling contest and the bear’s family bet on you.” After giving several examples of the viewer’s manliness, Dave would then admonish them with “You’re so manly, yet you’re afraid to see the doctor? Come on, man.”

This approach pointed out just how silly it was that otherwise brave and strong men were afraid to take care of their health. And, in so doing, each video used humor to remind the viewer to take care of himself.


On Facebook, Lennox sent out men’s-health-related facts to stress the importance of taking care of one’s self. Facebook posts also took the form of funny observations about manliness, while reminding people that every shared post meant $2 for the cause. The YouTube video series was also promoted on Facebook, where it would also earn $2 for every share.


Instagram was leveraged for its strong visual communication. Still frames of manly objects were extracted from every video and captioned with a manly message and a reminder to schedule a doctor visit. For example, “Bear wrestling. Almost as important to a man as taking care of his health.”

Instagram also proved the perfect vehicle to present behind-the-scenes footage of the creation of the massive Wall of Manliness, from shopping for props and dressing the bear in a wrestling costume to the building of the wall itself.


Power helped Lennox get the Movember message out in other ways, too. The monthly Lennox Comfort Matters blog for November featured an article about Movember, and why it was important to Lennox. The article went into detail about the state of men’s health, and how Lennox made it easy for anyone to donate money to the cause simply by sharing Lennox social media content.


Lennox PartsPlus® Stores are a national chain of retail stores that supply heating and air conditioning parts and supplies to dealers and contractors across the country. Because the Lennox PartsPlus website is visited by hundreds of dealers every day, it was another excellent outlet to get the Movember message out. A large banner was created by Power that featured a quick message about Movember, with a link to the Comfort Matters blog article to learn more.

Power also created a series of short text messages about Movember that were sent out to dealers and contractors who subscribed to the Lennox PartsPlus text feed, a service that sends out information about in-store specials and other relevant news. These Movember text messages ended with a call to action that sent subscribers to the Movember Foundation page, and gave them a chance to make their own donations to the cause.


When the Movember campaign was over, Power had helped Lennox get more than 3,000 brand engagements across its social media properties, with 707 pieces of content being shared and the Lennox residential homepage receiving an 8.91% conversion rate from social media properties.

On YouTube, the #FaceResponsibility video series received more than 21,000 views, and increased Lennox YouTube channel subscribers by 42% over the previous year. More than 17,000 minutes of Lennox YouTube content was watched during the month, including 7,500 minutes of Movember content.

In the end, Lennox donated $15,244 in internal donations and social media shares to the Movember Foundation.


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