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Where Do You Go From The Top of The Mountain?

Launching Lennox Ultimate Comfort System™

You’re Lennox, a company that’s staked its reputation on innovation. You’re looking for an edge. You already build the most precise and efficient air conditioner. You offer the quietest and most efficient gas furnace. You’ve developed a revolutionary energy-saving thermostat that integrates with the GPS on a homeowner’s smartphone. You’ve created the most effective whole-home air cleaning system on the market. You even offer a solar energy system that can cut heating and cooling bills by up to half. So what do you do next?

Then it hits you. You combine them all into one system.

Now how do you let the world know that the most innovative heating and air conditioning company has created its most innovative system packed with game-changing comfort solutions? In other words, how do you position the best of the best from the company that takes the word “best” to heart like no other?

You call Power.


The Ultimate Comfort System was unlike anything Lennox, or the world, had ever seen. It would undoubtedly be a bit of a tough sell; the best of the best of the best doesn’t come cheap. So logically, this launch needed some pretty special marketing material. No ordinary brochure would do.

The way we saw it, selling a system like this didn’t hinge on logic. You can’t facts-and-figures someone into making a purchase like this. We couldn’t talk about any of the typical cues that motivate an HVAC purchase, like energy bills, or consistent temperature and humidity. Instead, we had to take it to a whole different level, appealing to the senses and emotions—to feelings of pride, perfection, luxury and performance.


Our inspiration came from another expensive purchase that carries with it an element of premium satisfaction, style and deserved rewards: the automobile brochure.

Slick, glossy and beautifully composed, car brochures take the reader to a place of proud ownership, comfort, prestige and luxury. In other words, everything we sought to inspire with the Ultimate Comfort System.

First, we needed a striking cover shot. Rather than the typical “box on a background” or comfortable, enviable lifestyle shot typically found on heating and air conditioning brochures, we chose an artistic close-up of the distinctive grille found on the Lennox XC25 air conditioner. At first glance, it could be mistaken for the front fascia of a sports car. And even if you weren’t sure what it was, you knew it was nice.

The inside of the brochure carried on the luxury vibe, with high-quality photography and lifestyle shots that looked like they came from an expensive clothing brand, rather than a premium HVAC manufacturer. Lots of whitespace, too, to really showcase every enticing word and image.

It felt like you were reading a coffee-table book about air conditioners, certainly not a sales brochure.


With the brochure complete, a digital execution was the next logical step. But like its analog counterpart, it had to be something really special. A standard product page wouldn’t really give the Ultimate Comfort System the showcase it deserved, so a new landing page was created.

At the top of the page, a large lifestyle image greeted the viewer, with a button to play a video. Unlike standard product videos, though, this one was more like a music video about the good life, with a slow, relaxing pace and gentle music.

Because we were selling an experience rather than a system, every copy point in the video speaks to a benefit of owning the Ultimate Comfort System, rather than a feature you’d expect from a heating and air conditioning system.


To demonstrate the capabilities of the Ultimate Comfort System’s zoning equipment, which uses motorized dampers to redirect airflow through a home’s ductwork, we selected pictures of beautiful rooms in the same home.

Clicking on each of these photos would change the display of the thermostat seen on the page, showing the benefits of system operation rather than simply talking about it.


The Ultimate Comfort System brochure went on to win several awards for design and copy, which delighted us to no end. Furthermore, the strategy for selling the Ultimate Comfort System helped Lennox capitalize on a previously untapped market, that of selling complete systems rather than individual equipment. This strategy has since trickled down into every tier of their product family, helping homeowners on every level enjoy greater system performance regardless of how much they’ve spent.

And it all started with a brochure.


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