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The website that launched a thousand brochures

The Lennox product brochures redesign project

After Power helped Lennox re-launch their residential website, we set our sights on updating their consumer-facing product literature to match. To help with this, our Lennox team developed a strategy that ensured the literature was in sync with the website and had maximum sales impact.

Redesigning was a mammoth undertaking. It required a lot of thought, planning, insight and determination to see the project through. Once it was finished, the revamped website brought Lennox innovation to life in a new, modern and consumer-friendly way.

But in order to keep their brand consistent, and to help Lennox stand out as an innovator in the home comfort arena, it made sense to redesign their marketing collateral as well. So Lennox collaborated with Power to devise a plan for creating a new range of consumer sales literature. It was the perfect opportunity to do a full audit, review messaging and design strategies, re-evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and optimize objectives. We couldn’t wait to get started!

The perfect opportunity to change and improve


Redesigning their consumer product brochures gave Lennox the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of the literature as a sales tool for dealers AND as an informative tool for homeowners.

But first things first: focus groups! We needed feedback from the field. Power suggested dealer interviews and consumer focus groups. The more information we could gain from the target audience—from the effectiveness of the consumer messaging to understanding which pieces of product literature the dealers used most—the better and more effective the end product would be.

Lennox agreed. Power coordinated with the Stevenson Company, a global leader in market share data, and qualitative and quantitative research, to gain the insights needed to create world-class literature.

Dealer interviews


We started with Lennox Premier™ Dealers. We were interested in how they were using the existing sales literature, what content was useful and what improvements could be made. Their answers revealed some surprising and very interesting facts:

  • Responding dealers carried very little literature with them on sales calls, preferring to talk to their customers, rather than read to them.
  • When literature was used, the dealers preferred easy to understand side-by-side product comparisons and feature explanations that were simple and consumer friendly.
  • The dealers expressed a wish for the brochure content to be condensed into three key messages: consumer benefits, warranty information and energy savings information.
  • The dealers were interested in seeing more financing information included in the product brochures.
  • They wanted the brochures to be shorter in length and use more product highlights and icons, simplifying the contents and making them easier to present and understand.

In short, the dealers wanted brochures that were compact, compelling, concise and creatively impactful.

Consumer focus groups


Homeowners were up next. The qualitative research study comprised two focus groups, which were made up of recent purchasers or intenders, who met the following criteria:

  • Primary decision-maker when purchasing a new heating or cooling system
  • Ages 25-65
  • Income level of $45,000 or more
  • Not employed in the HVAC industry

The participants were presented with three product brochure designs, three comparison brochure designs, and three system components designs. Each of the three designs had a very different look and feel:

Design No. 1:            Captured micro-moments in the home.

Design No. 2:            Used an HVAC-equipment-inspired design.

Design No. 3:            Showed lifestyle-oriented imagery.

By presenting three different design styles, we hoped to elicit a strong emotional response. This response, both positive and negative, would ultimately help us create new consumer literature that would have increased appeal and greater sales impact.

Turning research results into impactful product literature


Taking into account all the research participants’ thoughts and opinions, Power came up with a new product brochure redesign that would appeal to both Lennox dealers and consumers.

Visually, the final design concept was characterized by a sense of authenticity, focusing on the micro-moments that make home feel like home.

Benefit-driven content focused on top consumer feature and benefit cues, with a modular format that easily translated across all product literature. In terms of brand consistency, the literature echoed the look and feel of the new Lennox Residential website. And overall, the new design reinforced the Lennox brand positioning: “Innovation never felt so good.”

Getting the green light!


Lennox was thrilled with Power’s new design approach and gave us the green light to create over 70 product brochures. Upon reaching the final phase, our experienced team was tasked with coordination logistics and defining the executional details. From deciding which scenarios would be featured on the brochure covers, to choosing which features and benefits would be highlighted inside, Lennox and Power collaborated (and continue to collaborate) closely on every aspect of the creative process.

As with any creative venture, there have been small tweaks and changes along the way, but, in general, we have worked hard to stay true to the new design direction. It’s full steam ahead. As you can imagine, replacing existing product literature for all of North America takes quite a while. But Lennox is well on their way to updating all their sales collateral with materials that are more sales- and user-friendly and more impactful.

Going the extra mile


As B2D2C™ specialists, Power’s account service and creative teams understand sales collateral must be appealing to the homeowner AND helpful for the sales associate. By activating dealer interviews and consumer focus groups, Power helped Lennox develop a strong and concise messaging strategy that brought Lennox innovation to life in a new and meaningful way. After all, when you base your sales collateral strategy on intelligent and reasoned insights, it helps break through a cluttered home product universe.

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