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Making the SmartHome the perfect destination

Coming off a successful introduction of their UltraSync™ SmartHome system at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Interlogix enlisted Power’s help to take the experience a step further to showcase the system’s key features to homeowners.

Still a relatively unknown brand in the consumer space, Interlogix had to stand out in the always-competitive show, where several companies were offering “smart-home” products. The show’s focus on Artificial Intelligence and technology syncing up with people and their lifestyles made it a good fit to further UltraSync’s profile before a receptive audience.

Power took a consumer-benefit approach, leveraging the strength of the product and creating a more fun and relevant way to showcase the UltraSync. We developed a booth concept taking the form of The Home Connection, a two-screen interactive game that mimicked a love-connection/dating-game-type show, but with a twist. At the center were a variety of personified houses vying with one another to show how smart or compatible they might be with booth visitors’ lifestyles.

Questions prompted fun and engaging interaction with each house, and served as a launch point for videos showcasing UltraSync features and functionalities. Scenarios included everything from allowing parents to check in on kids while away, to setting thermostats remotely, or pushing one button to shut the house down for the night. The cohesiveness of the booth theme and visitor experience solidified UltraSync’s value to consumers and helped the Interlogix sales team stay focused on the smart-home message. The Home Connection experience was also made available on a single tablet that could be viewed by media at one-on-one events during the show, which led to increased awareness and booth visits.

Full deliverables included:

  • Booth theme, including overall messaging and design
  • DIY packaging/display design for UltraSync, which was new for this dealer-to -consumer brand
  • Interactive two-screen experience, including design, logo development, video production, sound design, and digital experience development
  • Animation product overview video
  • On-site setup and support

Post show, Power helped fully leverage Interlogix’ investment in the interactive game showcase videos by devising a plan to repurpose them for use in digital venues and in distributer locations.


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