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No factoid left behind


Still suffering from an outdated urban, concrete-jungle, commuter-school reputation, the University of Louisville brand was in need of a facelift. But before launching a new campaign, Power wanted to get to the bottom of the lingering brand impression. We partnered with a market research company to conduct independent focus groups across the state. The conclusion? There was a lack of awareness across the board—locally and throughout the state— among high school students, their parents and community leaders about UofL’s academic standing and campus improvements.

The resulting campaign—designated UofL Now—used facts from UofL’s Research Department based on “hot buttons” discovered in the focus groups. Power’s media team developed a full recommendation of traditional and digital media—outdoor, print, broadcast, and digital advertising—flighted around peak activity times for the admissions office. All efforts directed the audiences to, a hub website we created for the campaign.


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